2023 Bowman Draft Baseball Collection: A Blend of MLB Prospects and the Legendary Tom Brady

The 2023 Bowman Draft Baseball collection is set to be the ultimate must-have for enthusiasts of MLB draft picks and rising stars. What makes this year’s release even more exciting is the addition of Tom Brady, the legendary figure of the NFL, who is featured as an insert and autograph card. Brady, who was a 1995 draft choice of the Montreal Expos, will be celebrated in the collection as a “Dream Draft Pick,” although no preview images are currently available.

Scheduled to be released in mid-December, this collection follows the success of the 2023 Bowman Baseball and Bowman Chrome releases. It includes highly anticipated prospects such as Wyatt Langford, Paul Skenes, and Ethan Salas. The collection offers both Hobby Jumbo and Super Jumbo boxes, with each box containing a variety of cards, autographs, and parallels.

The base set of 200 cards in the collection will highlight the top draft picks and MLB prospects, with special “1st Bowman” notations and image variations for 10 players. Additionally, the base set will feature two short-printed RetroFractor cards of legendary Hall of Famers, Josh Gibson and Carl Yastrzemski. Yastrzemski will also have an autographed version of his short-printed card.

What truly sets this collection apart is the array of parallels available in both paper and chrome formats. The collection introduces new Aqua/Pink and Red/Green Gradient Borders, as well as hobby box exclusive Orange Borders. Chrome cards will showcase several new refractors such as Lunar Glow and Fuchsia Lunar, adding to the excitement and variety for collectors.

Not only will the collection feature an impressive base set and parallels, but it will also include a range of captivating inserts. The Bowman 1954 Flag Variation inserts will pay homage to the 1954 Bowman baseball design, showcasing young players against their respective home flags. The Bowman Draft Glass and Chrome Prospector’s Special Die-Cut inserts will also be featured, alongside the debut of the Transformative Talents and Draft Picks & Prospects inserts.

However, the most intriguing aspect of this collection is undeniably the inclusion of Tom Brady’s Dream Draft Picks card. This raises the question of “What if?” and offers collectors various limited Refractor parallels to chase after. The collection’s autograph selection is equally diverse, with Chrome Prospect Autographs, Mood Ring Red Autographs, and Bowman ’54 Flag Variation Red Refractor autographs among the highlights.

The collection also boasts dual signature cards in the Franchise Futures Dual Autographs category, highlighting the potential of future MLB stars. The Class of 2023 Autographs shine a spotlight on this year’s notable draft choices, further enriching the collection. Additionally, collectors will be delighted with the special autographed booklets and Under Armour Game Autographed cards, providing unique and highly sought-after additions to their collections.

Speaking of autographs, the Class of 2023 Autographs section offers collectors an opportunity to find unique and rare signatures. These autographs will showcase the most prominent MLB draft picks of the year, with the introduction of Green Refractor parallels. Together with the Gold, Red, and SuperFractor parallels, collectors will have a variety of options to add to their collections and show their love for the game.

Of course, the inclusion of Tom Brady as a “Dream Draft Pick” is a standout feature of this collection. Gold Refractor parallels of Brady’s card will be limited to just 50 cards, ensuring their rarity and appeal. Other Refractor parallels of Brady’s card, such as Orange, Red, and the exceptionally rare SuperFractor, offer unique collectibles for fans of both football and baseball.

Additionally, the collection will include Base Set Gold Retrofractor Autographs, which will be limited to only 50 cards. These autographs will follow the same parallel configuration as the Brady autographs, adding an additional layer of rarity and value to the collection.

For collectors seeking even more exclusive items, the set will include Image Variation Autograph parallel cards, numbered to just 99. These cards will provide a fresh visual perspective on some of the players included in the set, ensuring surprises and diversity within the collection.

Undoubtedly, the autographed booklets in this year’s collection are exceptionally special. The “Positioned for Excellence” booklet, limited to only 10 copies, and the “Picked for Excellence” Autographed booklet, limited to just 5 copies, are expected to be highly coveted and rare finds. Each of these booklets will have a Red Refractor parallel (limited to 5) and a SuperFractor (1/1), making them among the most sought-after items in the entire collection.

Finally, the collection will feature Under Armour Game Autographed cards, offering a range of serial numbers and autographs from some of the most promising young talents in baseball. These cards will provide collectors with an opportunity to add unique and highly desired pieces to their collections.

Overall, the 2023 Bowman Draft Baseball set promises to be an all-encompassing and exciting collection. With its blend of MLB prospects, established stars, and the inclusion of the iconic Tom Brady, this collection is a must-have for fans and collectors alike. The extensive variety of cards, parallels, and autographs will undoubtedly make this release one of the most anticipated and sought-after in the world of baseball card collecting.


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