A Treasured Trove: Venezuelan Topps Collection Hits Auction Block

This month, Heritage Auctions is set to debut a truly remarkable collection of baseball cards. Consigned by a South American collector, this trove captures the essence of an era and showcases the popularity of baseball in the post-World War II era. The collection consists of 117 lots of Venezuelan Topps baseball cards, spanning the years 1959 to 1968. Featuring over 1,200 cards in exceptional condition, this collection sets itself apart from its contemporaries.

The Venezuelan Topps cards were produced in partnership with Benco, a South American printing company. They were specifically tailored for the South American audience and were produced in limited quantities. Today, these cards are considered rare gems due to their scarcity and unique characteristics. Unlike their regular counterparts, the Venezuelan Topps cards have noticeable differences in cardstock and print quality. They lack the glossy finish and are made of coarse, inexpensive cardboard, making them prone to rapid deterioration. This makes finding well-preserved specimens exceptionally rare, with near-mint or better condition cards being highly sought after.

The collection includes the inaugural 1959 Venezuelan issue, which mirrored the first two series of the regular Topps set. It also features the elusive and coveted 1968 Venezuelan series, known for yielding some of the most sought-after baseball cards in Topps’ history. What makes this collection truly exceptional is the fact that it includes cards that are the highest-graded examples known. Highlights include a 1959 Mickey Mantle (PSA 5), a 1960 Carl Yastrzemski rookie card (PSA 5.5), a 1964 Ernie Banks (PSA 8), and a 1964 Mantle (PSA 6). Heritage Auctions has hailed this collection as the culmination of decades of steadfast commitment to the art of collecting.

Notably, the later issues of the Venezuelan Topps cards feature players who never appeared on an MLB card. These sets introduced future stars like Dave Concepcion, who made their first appearance on Topps cards in Venezuela before being featured on any U.S.-issued Topps rookie cards. The auction includes the 1967 Venezuelan Concepcion, graded 6, as well as cards paying homage to “Retirado” (retired) legends such as Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Stan Musial, and Sandy Koufax, who had recently ended his career after the 1966 season.

In addition to these unique cards, the auction will also feature a host of other high-grade cards. Bidders will have the opportunity to acquire a PSA 8 1967 Mantle, a PSA 7 1967 Mantle, a PSA 6 1968 Johnny Bench rookie, a PSA 5 1964 Pete Rose, a PSA 6 1964 Willie Mays, and a PSA 4 1964 Hank Aaron, among others. The lineup also includes cards of luminaries like Koufax, Roberto Clemente, Roger Maris, and other stars and Hall of Famers from the era.

The bidding for these pieces of baseball history is scheduled to conclude on November 16, as part of the Heritage Fall Sports Collectibles Auction. This event promises to be a landmark occasion, offering collectors the chance to own a piece of baseball’s international legacy and celebrate the storied past of the sport’s memorabilia. Each card represents a fragment of history, reflecting the global reach of America’s pastime and the enduring allure of collecting. For those who value the heritage of the game and the artistry of card collecting, this auction presents an unmissable opportunity to acquire a slice of baseball card lore.


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