New Insurance Safeguards for Canadian Sports Memorabilia Collectors

In the Great White North, where hockey cards and signed jerseys are as revered as the sports stars themselves, a groundbreaking insurance program has made its debut, offering a sigh of relief to enthusiasts who spend countless hours and dollars amassing collections of sports memorabilia. This novel initiative comes courtesy of NFP, a distinguished property and casualty broker, which has joined forces with Berkley Asset Protection to concoct a plan specifically tailored for the legions of sports memorabilia collectors across Canada.

Greg Dunn, the Managing Director of Personal Risk at NFP in Canada, plays a pivotal role in this venture. He explains the dire need for specialized coverage that transcends the ordinary boundaries of standard homeowners insurance policies. These conventional policies often fall short of covering the true value of high-ticket sports collectibles, leaving enthusiasts in a lurch should disaster strike. Dunn enthusiastically outlines the features of this bespoke insurance solution, designed to plug those gaping coverage holes. He promises peace of mind from the moment a new piece is added to a collection, thanks to automatic coverage for new acquisitions and comprehensive transit protection for items on the move.

The insurance isn’t just broad in its coverage but also meticulous in its crafting. Olivia Cinqmars-Viau, who serves as the AVP of fine art underwriting at Berkley Asset Protection, sheds light on the deep customization involved in the program’s design. It’s tailored to mesh seamlessly with the nuanced needs of serious collectors, whose precious memorabilia can range from autographed baseballs to rare vintage hockey sticks. Cinqmars-Viau emphasizes that this initiative provides a robust safety net, ensuring that the financial investment in these collectibles is adequately secured.

Endorsement of this unique insurance offering also comes from within the collector’s community itself. Steve Menzie, president and owner of the Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo—which stands as Canada’s largest gathering place for sports memorabilia aficionados—voices his support. Menzie is quick to point out the typical collector’s view of their stash as mainly sentimentally invaluable, often underestimating the significant financial value they possess. With the backing of both NFP and Berkley, Menzie assures that collectors can now safeguard their investments with much more ease and efficiency.

As part of their outreach to the collector community, NFP’s Personal Risk team is setting up camp at the upcoming Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo in Toronto, slated for April 25-28. The aim is to mingle, explain, and perhaps even demystify the nitty-gritty of what this new insurance can mean for collectors. This hands-on approach reflects NFP’s broader stance on personalized service—catering to the unique quirks and qualms of various niche markets. The firm, robust with a workforce of over 1,000 in Canada and an impressive 8,000 globally, is keen on addressing and adapting to the distinctive needs that different collector communities present.

Thus, through their strategic partnership, NFP and Berkley Asset Protection are not just offering a new insurance product but are pioneering a safeguard for a passion. They recognize that collecting sports memorabilia isn’t just a hobby; it’s a form of heartfelt expression, a pursuit of historical preservation, and an investment in one’s joys. The next time a Canadian collector acquires a piece of sports history, whether at an auction, through a trade, or at a special event like the Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo, they can do so with a lighter heart and a reassured mind, knowing their treasure is well protected.


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