Panini’s Exclusive Deal with LIV Golf

Panini, a powerhouse in the world of sports trading cards, has made a significant move by striking an exclusive partnership with LIV Golf, expanding its offerings to include a brand new line of golf trading card products. This collaboration, announced recently, marks Panini’s first foray into the realm of golf, giving them exclusive rights to produce and distribute trading cards featuring the talented players of LIV Golf.

The history between Panini and golf cards traces back to the Donruss brand cards in the early ’80s. However, this partnership signifies a new chapter since Panini acquired Donruss, setting the stage for an exciting venture into the world of golf collectibles. With this deal, Panini aims to offer fans and collectors worldwide something fresh and distinctive in the realm of golf trading cards.

The forthcoming golf trading cards from Panini will encompass a range of products, including physical cards featuring match-worn memorabilia and player autographs. The initial releases under Panini’s Prizm and Impeccable brands will set the bar high, promising high-quality collectibles. Additionally, a real-time Panini Instant card program will capture pivotal moments from tournaments and seasons, providing fans with a unique way to relive memorable highlights.

One of the key highlights of this partnership is the introduction of LIV Golf Team sets, featuring the 54 players committed to LIV Golf for 2024. This tour, established in 2022 with backing from Saudi Arabia, stands out with a majority of its stops outside the U.S. and its innovative team-based format for 54-hole tournaments. Panini has wasted no time in promoting the 2024 LIV team sets on its platform, showcasing a strong start to this collaboration.

Greg Norman, the Commissioner and CEO of LIV Golf, expressed his excitement about teaming up with Panini, emphasizing the opportunity to introduce cutting-edge products to a global audience of fans and collectors. This partnership is poised to shine a spotlight on LIV Golf players and teams in the world of collectibles, with Majesticks GC co-captain Ian Poulter echoing the sentiment of excitement and anticipation about this collaboration with a leading trading card brand.

Mark Warsop, the CEO of Panini America, underscored the innovative structure of LIV Golf as a pivotal factor in cementing this partnership. He believes that the team-oriented approach of LIV Golf offers a fresh perspective for collectibles fans, especially appealing to younger audiences. The abundance of world-class players in the LIV Golf roster aligns seamlessly with Panini’s brand, setting the stage for a successful collaboration that is bound to captivate a broad audience and establish a lasting fan base.

As Panini gears up to unveil its highly-anticipated line of LIV Golf trading cards, fans can look forward to a captivating array of products showcasing a roster of prominent players, including major championship winners and golfing legends. This partnership comes at a time when Upper Deck is also gearing up to release its latest golf set featuring PGA Tour stars, indicating a growing interest and enthusiasm for golf memorabilia and trading cards in the collectibles market. Get ready to tee off into a world of excitement with Panini’s exclusive LIV Golf trading cards.


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