PWCC Sets Another Jordan Card Record

PWCC Marketplace’s November Premier Auction has once again made headlines with a record-breaking sale of a rare Michael Jordan basketball card. The card in question is a highly sought-after 1998 Skybox Premium Stars Rubies edition, which fetched an impressive six-figure sum of $216,000.

This particular /50 parallel card has now become the second most expensive Star Rubies card ever sold. The 1998 Skybox Premium Stars Rubies card series has played a vital role in creating rarity within the hobby of card collecting, thanks to its introduction of serial-numbered cards. Alongside the Star Rubies, Skybox’s Precious Metal Gems cards have also been highly coveted by collectors.

The significance of the 1998 Skybox release lies in the fact that it was the last set to feature Michael Jordan before his retirement in 1998. This makes the cards from this set even more valuable and sought after by collectors. Additionally, the intricate foil details and edge-to-edge design of these cards make them prone to wear, further contributing to their rarity.

The record-setting Michael Jordan card, which received a PSA 7 grade, is one of only four cards of its kind to have received this grade. It is a Pop 4 card, with only five others graded higher. The combination of its rarity, the popularity of Michael Jordan, and the strong demand among collectors resulted in a staggering final price.

In addition to the new Jordan card record, the November Premier Auction also witnessed impressive sales of other collectibles. Despite its less-than-perfect condition, a PSA 1 (MC) graded 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle #311 card fetched $35,400. This iconic baseball card continues to be a highly desirable item among collectors.

Furthermore, a record was set for a Kobe Bryant 1999 Upper Deck Game Jerseys patch autograph card, which sold for $32,700. The legacy of Kobe Bryant and the scarcity of his autographed cards have made them valuable assets in the card collecting market.

Not limited to basketball and baseball, the auction also featured a 2020 Topps Dynasty F1 card showcasing Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. This card, capturing the excitement of Formula 1 racing, garnered an impressive $20,400, displaying the growing interest in this particular sport within the card collecting community.

PWCC Marketplace’s November Premier Auction continues to attract collectors and enthusiasts from around the world, who eagerly bid on rare and highly sought-after cards. The record-breaking sale of the Michael Jordan card adds to the reputation of PWCC as a platform that offers unique and valuable collectibles to its customers.

With each remarkable sale, the world of card collecting continues to captivate as enthusiasts vie to own a piece of sporting history. Whether it’s the allure of Michael Jordan, the legend of Mickey Mantle, or the excitement of Formula 1, these cards symbolize the fusion of sports and art, making them more than just pieces of cardboard – they are coveted treasures that tell a story.


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