Rare Find: Unopened 1963 Exhibit Baseball Cards Resurface, Igniting Excitement

In a thrilling turn of events for sports memorabilia enthusiasts, a remarkable discovery has been made – a collection of approximately 2,000 unopened 1963 Exhibit “stat back” baseball cards. These cards, still sealed in their original brown packaging, represent a significant find within the hobby, especially considering their untouched state. The news of this remarkable discovery was made public through a social media post featuring a vintage arcade machine, reminiscent of those that used to dispense these unusual cards.

Bill Mendel, a seasoned professional in the sports memorabilia industry, expressed his astonishment upon learning about the find from a contact on the east coast. This contact had connections to the arcade business and acquired the cards from Mike Munves in New York, a renowned distributor and repairer of arcade machines during the 1950s and 60s. The presence of the sealed packages, along with Exhibit Supply’s Chicago address, confirmed their authenticity and historical value.

Representing Memorabilia Experts, a memorabilia store and auction house based in Las Vegas, Mendel wasted no time arranging for the consignment of these treasures. The unopened bricks, likely containing multiple complete sets of the 64-card series, have the potential to fetch thousands of dollars each due to their pristine uncirculated condition. This extraordinary find also included a partially opened fifth package and hundreds of loose cards, including ten Hank Aarons, ten Willie Mays, nine Mickey Mantles, and other baseball legends, adding to its already immense value.

The 1963 “stat back” cards, known for their red-printed career statistics, are a rarity due to their size and quality. While loose cards from this era and series can be found, stumbling upon them in unopened vending packages is exceedingly rare. Similar items have commanded high prices on the collector’s market, making this discovery even more coveted.

The entire collection, comprised of both the unopened bricks and loose cards, is set to be auctioned, already generating significant interest and bidding. This auction offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for collectors to acquire a treasured piece of baseball history. It also serves as a celebration of the nostalgia and history associated with baseball card collecting, harkening back to a time when obtaining a card was as simple as inserting a coin into a machine.

For Mendel and Memorabilia Experts, securing these items for auction represents a major milestone, shining a spotlight on the ongoing allure and excitement of unearthing sports memorabilia gems. Whether the winning bidders choose to open the sealed packs or preserve them in their original state is a decision that will add an intriguing dimension to the cards’ allure. Regardless, the very existence of these cards in their pristine condition is a win for both collectors and historians, as it pays homage to the legacy of baseball’s illustrious past.


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