Tim Hortons’ Hockey Card Craze Sweeps Over Canada

In an era where digital collectibles are gaining momentum, leave it to Tim Hortons, Canada’s beloved coffee shop chain, to skate in with a promotion that nostalgically tugs at the heartstrings of hockey enthusiasts while causing quite the stir in the physical collectible sphere. On a seemingly ordinary Monday morning, which quickly became anything but ordinary, Tim Hortons dropped the puck with its new “Greatest Duos” hockey card promotion. This strategic play not only honoured the timeless tradition of Canadian hockey but set off a buying frenzy reminiscent of the gold rushes of the 19th century.

In collaboration with Upper Deck, renowned for their trading card expertise, Tim Hortons launched a series that is a lore unto itself. Named the “Greatest Duos,” the series captures the essence of hockey teamwork and camaraderie by featuring iconic pairings from the sport’s history. What sent fans into raptures was the inclusion of Connor Bedard rookie cards. Bedard, a shooting star in the hockey world, has sparked such a demand that many Tim Hortons locations witnessed a sellout on the very first day of the promotion.

Let’s skate a bit deeper into the ice rink. The “Greatest Duos” isn’t just a name; it’s an anthology of the sport’s most celebrated partnerships. From current luminaries to legends of yore, these cards show players in dual glory, etching moments of on-ice partnerships that have defined careers and seasons. Special inserts such as “Linked by Numbers” and “Bounded by Honour” offer collectors a nuanced look into shared jersey numbers and prestigious NHL awards, respectively, adding layers of narrative and historical intrigue to each card.

The icing on this already delicious cake comes in the form of autographed cards from Sidney Crosby and Nate MacKinnon, alongside the Tkachuk brothers — Matthew and Brady. These signatures are the golden goals for collectors, adding a rare and personal touch to the already valuable cards. Moreover, the Thrill of the Chase gets even more thrilling with Tim Hortons incorporating interactive sweepstakes, where lucky puck chasers can win a brand-new Hyundai car, exclusive meet-and-greet opportunities with NHL stars like Nick Suzuki, and hefty gift card prizes.

Now, consider the accessible pricing strategy—cards could be snagged for a loonie-and-a-half with any beverage, or $1.99 standalone—a slap shot designed to involve fans from various walks of life, including families and the budding young fans likely getting their first taste of sports memorabilia collecting. For the true enthusiasts, a special binder, retailing at $19.99, was made available to keep these treasures in mint condition, enhancing the collectible experience.

Parallel to this rush, Tim Hortons is also riding the Zamboni through the NHL season, with the Hockey Challenge during the playoffs, where even more interactive fun and potential prizes await those glued to the games and their new card collections. This includes extraordinary prizes like trips to the 2025 Stanley Cup Final, or even a year’s supply of Tim Hortons coffee for those whose teams don’t make the cut but who still want to win big.

This “Greatest Duos” initiative is more than just a clever marketing play; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has struck a nostalgic chord across Canada, serving both as a celebration of the nation’s beloved sport and a catalyst for community gatherings, with fans young and old swapping cards and stories. Tim Hortons has effectively brewed a storm of excitement, proving that even in the high-speed digital age, there’s still unmatched charm in collecting something you can hold, trade, and treasure—a slice of the hockey legacy, steeped in history, served fresh at your local Tim Hortons.


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