Vintage Sports Cards Triumph: Mile High’s Winter Auction Showcases Record-Breaking Sales

Vintage sports cards have once again captivated collectors, proving their enduring allure in the dynamic market of collectibles. The Winter Auction at Mile High Card Company showcased a range of vintage cards, with record-breaking prices being achieved. The star of the auction was the highly sought-after 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle rookie card, graded PSA 8, which fetched an impressive sale price of $378,997. This card not only represents the legendary status of Mickey Mantle in baseball history but also highlights the lasting significance of vintage sports cards in the collectors’ market.

The auction also featured other notable sales, including a rare 1916 M101-4 Sporting News Joe Jackson card with a blank back, graded PSA 7, which sold for $104,302. This sale marked a significant leap from its previous record of $25,000, reflecting the growing interest in rare vintage cards. A 1934 Goudey #61 Lou Gehrig card, graded PSA 8, fetched $101,623, while a 1953 Topps #82 Mickey Mantle card, also graded PSA 8, went for $89,635. Additionally, a 1955 Topps #164 Roberto Clemente card, graded PSA 8, achieved a sale price of $72,084.

The auction also saw record-setting prices for cards of Hall of Famer Willie Stargell. A 1964 Topps #342 Willie Stargell card, graded PSA 10, was sold for $30,674, significantly higher than the previous record of $4,154. Other Stargell cards, such as those from 1966 and 1973 Topps, also achieved record prices.

Various other vintage cards set new records at the auction. These included a 1962 Topps #45 Brooks Robinson card (PSA 9) sold for $30,391, a 1952 Topps #261 Willie Mays card (PSA 3 VG) for $11,732, and a 1969 Topps #100 Hank Aaron card (PSA 9) for $10,665. Furthermore, a 1972 Topps #229 World Series Game 7 card, graded PSA 10, fetched $12,388.

Baseball memorabilia items also featured prominently in the auction. A Babe Ruth-signed OAL (Harridge) baseball topped the memorabilia sales, commanding a price of $40,486. Other notable memorabilia included a 1972 California Angels Nolan Ryan signed game-used home jersey, which sold for $56,518, and a circa 1934 Paul & Dizzy Dean “Beech-Nut Tobacco” oversized die-cut advertising sign, fetching $11,403.

The auction also highlighted jerseys from baseball legends like Jim Palmer and Brooks Robinson, with each fetching over $13,000. Additionally, a 1980 Rickey Henderson game-used Oakland A’s alternate jersey sold for $24,639, and a 1998 Ken Griffey Jr. game-used autographed bat, used for his 33rd home run of the 1998 Season, went for $17,328. A unique item in the auction was a 1962 Post Alpha-Bits unopened box featuring Sandy Koufax, which attracted a bid of $11,028.

The success of the Winter Auction at Mile High Card Company not only demonstrates the continuing strength and appeal of vintage sports cards but also highlights the rich history and nostalgia these cards and memorabilia evoke. The remarkable prices fetched by items associated with legends like Mickey Mantle, Joe Jackson, Lou Gehrig, and Willie Stargell, among others, signify the deep connection and reverence fans and collectors have for the golden era of sports. As the auction results show, vintage sports cards and memorabilia remain a vital and vibrant part of the collectibles market, continuing to attract interest and investment from enthusiasts around the world.


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